Halo Reach

Having received Halo Reach the other day I thought I would give my impressions.

Initially after the first play I thought, hey this is OK but nothing amazing, but better than 2 or 3, in my opinion.

After a revisit yesterday I have to say the story has drawn me in, not quite the same way the first Halo did.
I didn’t however feel any attachment to the supporting characters, which I think Bungie tries to do through the campaign story.

The HUD layout is nice and clean and the game play flows nicely, I always did find 2 and 3 felt somehow restrictive from a visual viewpoint.

The graphics are also very nice but does highlight that this generations consoles are being pushed probably to their limit.

Dipping a toe in to MP was also entertaining but be prepared to finish bottom of the score table!

Overall an excellent FPS and one I would recommend.

Update: completed single-player but felt a little bit short changed like there should have been more ESP for £35

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Zune Software

Having been a long time fan of various MP3 players, after jumping from Minidisc, I have had a good few! Apple, Creative, Sony, Phillips…

Personally I have found Microsoft’s Zune HD (import) to be the best so far.

This is helped in no small way by the excellent Zune music management software. I find it to be on par or perhaps even exceeding iTunes on the Mac in some areas.

Zune now playing screen

The main area being the Zune subscription service. Personally never been a fan of subscription services, and I have tried Spotify, that was until I tried the Zune service. The sweetener with the MS offering is the 10 credits per month to “buy” tracks that are then downloaded DRM free for you to keep! You have remember to use them as they don’t roll over.

As it scans your music library ala iTunes it can supply you with “picks” similar to the Genius function which it thinks you will like, there are a few misses but it has introduced me to a lot of great new music!

Zune picks for you

You can also see other users with like minded tastes, another fine way to find a new artist / genre.

With Windows Phone 7 just around the corner and the UK version of the service appearing, albeit in a limited fashion at present, I for one can’t wait! This means I hopefully don’t have to pay overinflated prices for the American subscription cards soon 🙂


If you own an iPad and haven’t done so already download Flipboard.

This excellent application allows you to select from a range of news feeds, assign one to a tile and displays the text and images in a magazine layout style, and as the name suggests you flip through the pages like a magazine.

As you can see from the screenshot below it will also allow you to connect to your Facebook (no longer have one) and Twitter accounts.

I can safely say the it makes reading Tweets a treat :).

This is an always connected app, so for users without the 3G iPad or access to Mifi/Wifi when out and about it will not work unit you are connected again.

it has been raised to the developer to create an offline caching version of the app.

So what you waiting for go download it now!

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A lonely bag

This fellow must have been left behind in the bag migration, still not the mass numbers previously encountered, maybe the local council are bringing their street cleaning A game?

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Just Typical

Start a blog about Feral carrier bags and there are none to be found! All the ones I have seen recently have an owner (for now).

In the beginning

I feel it is time to track the rise of this urban menace and I will update the blog with examples of this threat and probably other bits and pieces of no interest to anyone apart from my house plants, if they could read / access the internet neither of which they can do (as far as I know)