Halo Reach

Having received Halo Reach the other day I thought I would give my impressions.

Initially after the first play I thought, hey this is OK but nothing amazing, but better than 2 or 3, in my opinion.

After a revisit yesterday I have to say the story has drawn me in, not quite the same way the first Halo did.
I didn’t however feel any attachment to the supporting characters, which I think Bungie tries to do through the campaign story.

The HUD layout is nice and clean and the game play flows nicely, I always did find 2 and 3 felt somehow restrictive from a visual viewpoint.

The graphics are also very nice but does highlight that this generations consoles are being pushed probably to their limit.

Dipping a toe in to MP was also entertaining but be prepared to finish bottom of the score table!

Overall an excellent FPS and one I would recommend.

Update: completed single-player but felt a little bit short changed like there should have been more ESP for £35

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