Windows Phone 7

Last Monday I did something I have not done before, watch a live event for a new product.

That product being Window Phone 7. Was it worth it, I would say yes it was. Balmer was very self contained though you could see he was excited about this new phone OS.

As for myself, hell yeah :), iPhone 4 sold, check, buying a new handset on the 21st, check. What will it be errr not so sure.

Think it will be either the Samsung Omnia 7 or the HTC HD7 (aka the Beast)

Image from PoketLint

 Hopefully O2 will also have the phone on PAYG as I don’t fancy another contract, only time will tell!


Windows Live Essentials 2011

OK downloaded and installed WLE 2011, so far so good, trying out Live Writer to create a blog entry!

The Live Writer tool is OK, but not as easy as the BlogSpot online tools IMO e.g. the picture below I can’t seem to find an option to add a caption, and the tool does not appear to have an option to show previous blog entries to allow editing…

It also installed the Bing toolbar, jury still out on that! But I only installed that on IE.

Live Messenger has also had a revamp, you can switch to the compact view which I personally prefer, though I still dislike the adverts Sad smile
Photo Gallery is very good, it also has face recognition ala Picasa 3, think this may be my Photo tool of choice from now on!