Well got the HTC HD7 Windows phone 7 device, so far so good. First one had to be returned due to data issues, and the replacement whilst better is not without its problems.

HD7 aka Phonezilla

Issues encountered so far:
Graphic corruption, reboot corrected, not returned yet!
Couple of mystery reboots
One total power down that required the battery to be removed and reseated before the phone would switch on
Some applications force close, maybe down to data strength, worked ok on WiFi

Does this put me off? Hell no, the new interface is a breath of fresh air

The concept of hubs is great, the UI is fast and responsive and clear. Having owned webOS, Android and iOS devices, this fledging OS is my favourite so far, it is a bit marmite, some will love it others won’t

The hardware, the HD7 is BIG but not too large IMO, the screen is great 4.3″, bright with good colours, viewing angles aren’t the best for colour changes but this is minor.

Battery life has been around a day of normal use, couple of phone calls, bunch of texts and some Facebook and push-mail. This is with WiFi and Bluetooth off, screen brightness set to auto.

I decided to try and eek out more battery life, set my Gmail to every 30 minutes, and this I think is the big one, switched GPS Off.

I always switch my smart phones to flight mode overnight too conserve power so after a day of light use, and one phone call, flight mode overnight, the battery is still showing around 1/2 full, which is great.

Dont expect 2-3 days use out of this handset, but like most smart phones will last around 1-2 days, though with the iPhone 4 I was able to get 2 days easy.

Overall very happy and can’t wait for updates!


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