HTC HD 7 unboxing porn

Who knew that someone would create a You Tube channel dedicated to unboxing porn (in this case gadgets)

HTC HD7 unboxing

Feast your orbs on the unboxing of the HD7, though why they call it porn I’m not quite sure!

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Moving to WordPress

Decided to move my blog (which I never update 😉 ) to WordPress just because there is a Windows phone 7 application! Yes I’m that easily led 🙂

And a very nice application it is too, well laid out and quite responsive


A new model? Err no, I had to return my second handset for a third one! Having said that this one has generally been behaving itself, bar the few early release bug bears which will hope fully be quashed next year with the update.

Might move this blog to WordPress not that I have been updating it much! But because there is a WordPress WP7 application so I can still not update the blog but have another tool I never use 😉

Oh and still no signs of any Feral Carrier Bags 😦

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