Microsoft and Nokia

Well there has been a lot of mixed views on the recent Nokia Microsoft tie up and the decision of Nokia to use windows phone 7, this has upset a lot of Symbian fan boys who have vowed never to buy Nokia again.

This move by Nokia will give them a foothold in the high end smartphone market again with very little outlay and in my opinion is the best of the 2 options, Android devices are 2 a penny these days and it would be difficult for Nokia to be nothing more than another Android device.

I for one look forward to Nokia quality hardware with WP7 as I must admit I have went back to the HD7 and despite a few of the flaws, not sure if it is hardware or OS, the experience is miles ahead of S^3

Only time will tell!

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Nokia N8 impressions

OK been just over a week with the N8 and have to say as a phone it is brilliant.

Call quality and reception blows the iphone 4 and htc devices (android /wp7) out of the water, especially in poor signal areas, and hey that’s a phones primary purpose right?

SMS and Messaging is OK, the main drawback is the on screen keyboards, so a must download is Swype which not only gives you a unique text entry method it also provides a nicer landscape keyboard, no dice on portrait yet however,

Battery life it’s good, easy 2 days use with gmail push on, build quality of the device is also excellent, far surpassing any HTC device and on par with the iPhone.

The down side is the OS, it feels over complicated compared to the competitors offerings but you get used to it and it is pretty snappy for a 600mhz processor. If you come from symbian then you will feel at home but anyone coming from iOS / Android may feel frustrated.

Overall I really like the phone despite it’s OS quirks, and that camera is pretty awesome!