NoDo update

Well I couldn’t wait for O2 to get off their lazy ass and “approve” the NoDo update so using the power of the internet and XDA Developers my HD7 is now unbranded and running NoDo 🙂

Took 30 minutes or so including downloading the files, I now have a faster loading phone, applications are notably quicker to launch. It also has the cut and paste which is fine.

However one downside is the keyboard does seem more US centric but I don’t mind an extra key tap to get a £ sign

Do it you know you want to 😀

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HD7pre NoDo update

Well this appears to be a weekend for updates! First my HD7 got it’s pre NoDo update which went without a hitch, I’m happy to say, and also the Nexus One got Android 2.3.

It was also interesting to read on WMpoweruser that at least one HTC user was receiving an update to their handset pushed by HTC, in this instance a Mozart.

I do hope this will lead to an update to the HD7 at some point from HTC to resolve a couple of the niggling issues plaguing some users such as the video tearing problem.

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