Ice cream sandwich?

Well after posting about a nice WordPress app for the N9 I went a got a new phone.

Yup the Galaxy Nexus.

Is it better? In a lot of ways yes and others no. The build quality of the N9 is great the Samsung not as good, BUT it is still a very well made phone.

The thing is, and I never thought I would say so after using the N9, ICS is a joy to use, better than MeeGo? yes I’m afraid it is in my opinion.

Makes MeeGo feel how Android did with version 1.6 to 2.0 a lot of promise but not nearly ready.

Galaxy Nexus



Well some clever person has went and created a WordPress client for the N9.

This phone and operating system just keep getting better 🙂

The fonts could do with bring a touch bigger, but the SMS client is the same, can’t wait to see what improvements the new updates bring,nfc wallet please?