Video ripping on Android Tabs

Ok this post has been sitting in my drafts for a few weeks and since then I have went back to the fruity side with their gen 3 tablet!

Having had the Moto Xoom i decided to revisit Android after my brief iPad 2 fling

The pad of choice is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. An excellent compromise in size and portability 🙂 however i soon remembered why i went back to Apple, video content.

However having a good selection of bluray I decided to look in to converting some to digital format to playback on the tablet, because lets face it the digital copies that accompany your bluray purchase are next to useless, ok useless for Android users.

Step in a LG bluray player for pc, DVD Catalyst 4, and Slysoft Any DVD HD, some time and you have excellent quality video files to play on any device, result!