GranTurismo 5

Got GT5 for Xmas and do be frank initial reaction was the feeling of being slightly let down, like a cake that looks great but the taste doesn’t live up to the presentation!

Where to start, this game is huge but having played all the other GT’s why oh why do I need to do the frankly lame and useless license tests just so I can race certain races?

Spec B, no thanks I don’t want to manage a driver!

Standard cars? Why? They are rehashed PS2 models with more polygons but look frankly crap compared to the premium cars, hell you can’t even change the wheels! And have no in car view.

If I had known this I wouldn’t have spent my cash on one and went for an older premium RX7.

And the engine sound for my standard car harks back to the PS1 GT IMO.

After playing the excellent well presented Forza 3 on the 360 I feel the time taken to create this new version doesn’t feel justified by the end result unless you put a lot of time and effort in to it.

Just my 2p

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Halo Reach

Having received Halo Reach the other day I thought I would give my impressions.

Initially after the first play I thought, hey this is OK but nothing amazing, but better than 2 or 3, in my opinion.

After a revisit yesterday I have to say the story has drawn me in, not quite the same way the first Halo did.
I didn’t however feel any attachment to the supporting characters, which I think Bungie tries to do through the campaign story.

The HUD layout is nice and clean and the game play flows nicely, I always did find 2 and 3 felt somehow restrictive from a visual viewpoint.

The graphics are also very nice but does highlight that this generations consoles are being pushed probably to their limit.

Dipping a toe in to MP was also entertaining but be prepared to finish bottom of the score table!

Overall an excellent FPS and one I would recommend.

Update: completed single-player but felt a little bit short changed like there should have been more ESP for £35

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