Is this the one?

Ok iPad 3 was sold and the galaxy tab 8.9 was also sold, the latter due to Samsung mincing around and not updating the OS to ICS.

The former the iPad3, whilst an amazing piece of technology, was for me just more of the same, but with a better screen.

Enter stage left the Google Nexus 7. I was wary of this tablet due to the teething issues posted on the Web, but more so as it was made by Asus.

Why? But Asus is a great laptop maker you may say, well I had a TF300 for 2 days, and liked it but the screen, for some reason, gave me a sore head.

Not to also mention the washed out looking reds, buy from someone with a good returns policy so you can try at home for a couple of days to see if it works for you.

I digress, after using the N7 for over a week I have to say the size and portability is just bang on for me. Downsides? If any perhaps Web browsing as it does involve a bit more zooming and the built in speakers are a tad on the weak side.

But overall, bright screen, fast processor and compact size and weight are bang on, was close to getting a Samsung tab 7.0, but I am glad I waited for the Nexus 7 and jelly bean as unlike the Samsung devices I know it will receive timely updates.


Back to WordPress

Not posted anything in a long time, went back to blogger, but nice though it is the mobile application, well kinda sucks!

Posting this on a Nexus 7, what has to be the current best vfm tablet around. The size of the device is also, for me, perfect. 🙂

Having just installed swift key 3, this device just gets better!

Video ripping on Android Tabs

Ok this post has been sitting in my drafts for a few weeks and since then I have went back to the fruity side with their gen 3 tablet!

Having had the Moto Xoom i decided to revisit Android after my brief iPad 2 fling

The pad of choice is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. An excellent compromise in size and portability 🙂 however i soon remembered why i went back to Apple, video content.

However having a good selection of bluray I decided to look in to converting some to digital format to playback on the tablet, because lets face it the digital copies that accompany your bluray purchase are next to useless, ok useless for Android users.

Step in a LG bluray player for pc, DVD Catalyst 4, and Slysoft Any DVD HD, some time and you have excellent quality video files to play on any device, result!

HP dropped the ball

Well what can I say? HP have done a 360 with webOS and completely killed all their hardware, they are not producing anymore webOS devices.

Despite all the BS about being in it for the long haul they clearly were not.

The next few weeks will be interesting to see what exactly HP are going to do. They have stated development of webOS will continue however.

Will this cause me to return my Pre 3 when it arrives? Hell no, I like the OS far too much, the multitasking alone is priceless 🙂 

Would I recommend the Touchpad? Yes why not esp if you can get it discounted, it is a very able tablet device! And personally its the best I have used of the 3 for my needs.

HP Toupchpad

Well what can I say, the Xoom is gone! After about a month of use I realised why I left Android handsets. Force close.

Even the standard web browser suffered from it 😥 and I was too impatient waiting for updates, yes I know I could probably have stuck on a cooked ROM, but couldnt be bothered.

WebOS is by no means perfect but it does feel more polished and complete than Android.

The hardware is not magical, nor does it come with a free unicorn, but imo it is better experience than the iPad or Android tablets.

It doesn’t have a multitude of apps and has some quirks (bugs) but overall I’m pretty impressed, well done HP, please dont drop the ball!

Motorola XOOM

Well went and sold my iPad and got a Motorola Xoom. First impressions pretty good, the build quality is very good, the button placement for power and volume controls caused no issue for me whatsoever.

Android Honeycomb is nice but I would say a bit rough around the edges still. With future updated I’m sure these will be smoothed out, no one big problem, just doesn’t feel quite there yet.

I primarily use it for web and e-mail both of which I would say are head and shoulders above the iPad. Web browsing on the iPad I found irritating as some sites it struggled to update in time, no such qualms on the Xoom and proper tab browsing 🙂

Weight wise the same as iPad 1 (I compare both in store) and overall not an issue IMO. The screen is good but perhaps a tad too reflective but the touch response is spot on.

Will see how well it beds in over the next few weeks! If you want one Curry’s and PC World now have them in store.