NoDo update

Well I couldn’t wait for O2 to get off their lazy ass and “approve” the NoDo update so using the power of the internet and XDA Developers my HD7 is now unbranded and running NoDo πŸ™‚

Took 30 minutes or so including downloading the files, I now have a faster loading phone, applications are notably quicker to launch. It also has the cut and paste which is fine.

However one downside is the keyboard does seem more US centric but I don’t mind an extra key tap to get a Β£ sign

Do it you know you want to πŸ˜€

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HD7pre NoDo update

Well this appears to be a weekend for updates! First my HD7 got it’s pre NoDo update which went without a hitch, I’m happy to say, and also the Nexus One got Android 2.3.

It was also interesting to read on WMpoweruser that at least one HTC user was receiving an update to their handset pushed by HTC, in this instance a Mozart.

I do hope this will lead to an update to the HD7 at some point from HTC to resolve a couple of the niggling issues plaguing some users such as the video tearing problem.

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Moving to WordPress

Decided to move my blog (which I never update πŸ˜‰ ) to WordPress just because there is a Windows phone 7 application! Yes I’m that easily led πŸ™‚

And a very nice application it is too, well laid out and quite responsive


A new model? Err no, I had to return my second handset for a third one! Having said that this one has generally been behaving itself, bar the few early release bug bears which will hope fully be quashed next year with the update.

Might move this blog to WordPress not that I have been updating it much! But because there is a WordPress WP7 application so I can still not update the blog but have another tool I never use πŸ˜‰

Oh and still no signs of any Feral Carrier Bags 😦

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Well got the HTC HD7 Windows phone 7 device, so far so good. First one had to be returned due to data issues, and the replacement whilst better is not without its problems.

HD7 aka Phonezilla

Issues encountered so far:
Graphic corruption, reboot corrected, not returned yet!
Couple of mystery reboots
One total power down that required the battery to be removed and reseated before the phone would switch on
Some applications force close, maybe down to data strength, worked ok on WiFi

Does this put me off? Hell no, the new interface is a breath of fresh air

The concept of hubs is great, the UI is fast and responsive and clear. Having owned webOS, Android and iOS devices, this fledging OS is my favourite so far, it is a bit marmite, some will love it others won’t

The hardware, the HD7 is BIG but not too large IMO, the screen is great 4.3″, bright with good colours, viewing angles aren’t the best for colour changes but this is minor.

Battery life has been around a day of normal use, couple of phone calls, bunch of texts and some Facebook and push-mail. This is with WiFi and Bluetooth off, screen brightness set to auto.

I decided to try and eek out more battery life, set my Gmail to every 30 minutes, and this I think is the big one, switched GPS Off.

I always switch my smart phones to flight mode overnight too conserve power so after a day of light use, and one phone call, flight mode overnight, the battery is still showing around 1/2 full, which is great.

Dont expect 2-3 days use out of this handset, but like most smart phones will last around 1-2 days, though with the iPhone 4 I was able to get 2 days easy.

Overall very happy and can’t wait for updates!

Windows Phone 7

Last Monday I did something I have not done before, watch a live event for a new product.

That product being Window Phone 7. Was it worth it, I would say yes it was. Balmer was very self contained though you could see he was excited about this new phone OS.

As for myself, hell yeah :), iPhone 4 sold, check, buying a new handset on the 21st, check. What will it be errr not so sure.

Think it will be either the Samsung Omnia 7 or the HTC HD7 (aka the Beast)

Image from PoketLint

 Hopefully O2 will also have the phone on PAYG as I don’t fancy another contract, only time will tell!

Windows Live Essentials 2011

OK downloaded and installed WLE 2011, so far so good, trying out Live Writer to create a blog entry!

The Live Writer tool is OK, but not as easy as the BlogSpot online tools IMO e.g. the picture below I can’t seem to find an option to add a caption, and the tool does not appear to have an option to show previous blog entries to allow editing…

It also installed the Bing toolbar, jury still out on that! But I only installed that on IE.

Live Messenger has also had a revamp, you can switch to the compact view which I personally prefer, though I still dislike the adverts Sad smile
Photo Gallery is very good, it also has face recognition ala Picasa 3, think this may be my Photo tool of choice from now on!

Zune Software

Having been a long time fan of various MP3 players, after jumping from Minidisc, I have had a good few! Apple, Creative, Sony, Phillips…

Personally I have found Microsoft’s Zune HD (import) to be the best so far.

This is helped in no small way by the excellent Zune music management software. I find it to be on par or perhaps even exceeding iTunes on the Mac in some areas.

Zune now playing screen

The main area being the Zune subscription service. Personally never been a fan of subscription services, and I have tried Spotify, that was until I tried the Zune service. The sweetener with the MS offering is the 10 credits per month to “buy” tracks that are then downloaded DRM free for you to keep! You have remember to use them as they don’t roll over.

As it scans your music library ala iTunes it can supply you with “picks” similar to the Genius function which it thinks you will like, there are a few misses but it has introduced me to a lot of great new music!

Zune picks for you

You can also see other users with like minded tastes, another fine way to find a new artist / genre.

With Windows Phone 7 just around the corner and the UK version of the service appearing, albeit in a limited fashion at present, I for one can’t wait! This means I hopefully don’t have to pay overinflated prices for the American subscription cards soon πŸ™‚