Ice cream sandwich?

Well after posting about a nice WordPress app for the N9 I went a got a new phone.

Yup the Galaxy Nexus.

Is it better? In a lot of ways yes and others no. The build quality of the N9 is great the Samsung not as good, BUT it is still a very well made phone.

The thing is, and I never thought I would say so after using the N9, ICS is a joy to use, better than MeeGo? yes I’m afraid it is in my opinion.

Makes MeeGo feel how Android did with version 1.6 to 2.0 a lot of promise but not nearly ready.

Galaxy Nexus


Nokia N8 impressions

OK been just over a week with the N8 and have to say as a phone it is brilliant.

Call quality and reception blows the iphone 4 and htc devices (android /wp7) out of the water, especially in poor signal areas, and hey that’s a phones primary purpose right?

SMS and Messaging is OK, the main drawback is the on screen keyboards, so a must download is Swype which not only gives you a unique text entry method it also provides a nicer landscape keyboard, no dice on portrait yet however,

Battery life it’s good, easy 2 days use with gmail push on, build quality of the device is also excellent, far surpassing any HTC device and on par with the iPhone.

The down side is the OS, it feels over complicated compared to the competitors offerings but you get used to it and it is pretty snappy for a 600mhz processor. If you come from symbian then you will feel at home but anyone coming from iOS / Android may feel frustrated.

Overall I really like the phone despite it’s OS quirks, and that camera is pretty awesome!

Internet Purchasing Impatience (IPI)

Ordered the N8 on Friday just after lunch From Clove Technology.

Just recieved the dispatch notice 😥 why is this Clove? Is it too much to expect same day dispatch?

Or has the internet made me more impatient? I think the later maybe the case, however I was looking forward to my new toy!

Looks like I’ll just have to settle for LPB2 instead.

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Nokia N8

Ok I admit it, I love gadgets, can’t help it 🙂 I have had a LOT of smart-phones but no Nokia since my unloved N70 5 – 6 year ago.

The N70 was OK bearable hardware wise but the OS left a bit to be desired, it was just, clunky!

So I have decided to revisit the Nokia camp and ordered a N8! From reports on the web the OS still seems to leave a bit to be desired, but time will tell once it arrives.

Still have the HD7 to fall back on if it is really bad!