Motorola XOOM

Well went and sold my iPad and got a Motorola Xoom. First impressions pretty good, the build quality is very good, the button placement for power and volume controls caused no issue for me whatsoever.

Android Honeycomb is nice but I would say a bit rough around the edges still. With future updated I’m sure these will be smoothed out, no one big problem, just doesn’t feel quite there yet.

I primarily use it for web and e-mail both of which I would say are head and shoulders above the iPad. Web browsing on the iPad I found irritating as some sites it struggled to update in time, no such qualms on the Xoom and proper tab browsing 🙂

Weight wise the same as iPad 1 (I compare both in store) and overall not an issue IMO. The screen is good but perhaps a tad too reflective but the touch response is spot on.

Will see how well it beds in over the next few weeks! If you want one Curry’s and PC World now have them in store.